Spread the Metta

A meditation retreat is an opportunity to develop peace and self-reflection in a safe and supportive environment. It is also an undertaking that requires some effort and self-discipline. The retreat will follow an intensive daily schedule consisting of meditation and instruction. The medium of instruction will be Hokkien dialect, English or Mandarin.

Eight Precepts

All retreatants are expected to keep the Eight Precepts whilst on retreat. They offer a way of living together morally, ethically and harmoniously, causing ourselves and each other as little suffering as possible.

  • Harmlessness: not intentionally taking the life of any living creature.
  • Trustworthiness: not taking anything that is not given.
  • Chastity: refraining from any sexual activity.
  • Right Speech: avoiding false, abusive or malicious speech and idle chatter, and, on retreat, keeping Noble Silence.
  • Sobriety: not taking any intoxicating drinks or drugs that lead to carelessness.
  • Renunciation: not eating after mid-day.
  • Restraint: not wearing make-up, perfume, jewellery or immodest clothing; not texting, emailing, making telephone calls or using the internet; not playing or listening to music, or watching TV.
  • Alertness: refraining from overindulgence eg sleep.

Noble Silence

The retreat will be held in NOBLE SILENCE, which all retreatants are expected to observe. Noble silence gives us the opportunity to not engage in conversations with others unless absolutely necessary. Noble Silence helps to quieten the mind and allows us to have the space and time to reflect inwardly and observe our minds, thoughts and feelings.


This is a residential retreat, so there will be no commuting. We provide simple mattresses, sitting meditation mats, pillows, blankets, bed sheets and pillow cases. You are welcome to use all these but would have to wash and dry the bed sheets and pillow cases before you leave should you use them. Alternatively you could bring your own blanket, bed sheet or pillow. Keep your accommodation clean and tidy at all time. The sleeping dormitories will be non air conditioned. We will not entertain request to have air condition or changing of rooms.


Throughout the entire retreat we shall observe eating one meal a day. There will be a daily meal of breakfast-lunch at around 9am. The food is Dana food offered by devotees and is usually ample for all preceptors. In the evening, we will provide the allowable drinks such as coffee, tea or herbal tea.

The below is the list of allowable sustenance after noon and consumption is up to the individual (we don’t necessarily have all of them at any one time therefore the retreatant should endeavour to bring with him those that he wishes to consume):

  • honey
  • ghee
  • cottage cheese
  • butter
  • oil
  • molasses
  • preserve or fresh (aloe vera, nutmeg, gooseberries, chinese olive, sweet & sour plums, Pegaga, Daun Kaduk, garlic, chilli, pepper & ginger)
  • dark chocolates without milk, nuts or raisins
  • Soluble vitamin C
  • Filtered Fruit (smaller than the size of a man’s fist) juice but not vegetable juice.
  • 2 in 1 drinks without milk or creamer

If you have a medical problem which requires a special diet or any other food supplements, please bring the items you need.


If you have a serious medical condition or any special dietary requirements, please let us know beforehand. Please cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.


You are required to wear WHITE top and plain DARK/WHITE COLOURED long pants or BLACK/WHITE long skirts. Please dress modestly, out of respect for the monastics leading the retreat and also as not to distract other retreatants. This includes:

  • not wearing sleeveless tee-shirts, tops or dresses
  • not wearing short or tight-fitting clothing or leggings
  • not wearing low or plunging necklines or transparent clothing
  • not wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses which end above the knees

It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and quiet fabric (for example, cotton) and prepare enough number of clothing that you need for the whole retreat duration.  

Daily Chores

Participants are required to do the daily cleaning /chores assigned to them. Assigned chores are to be performed mindfully.

Things to Bring and Not to Bring

You will need to bring:

  1. Sufficient clothing for the retreat (Note: washing is not recommended)
  2. Torch/flashlight
  3. Personal toiletries
  4. Alarm clock
  5. Personal medication If any
  6. Water tumbler
  7. Mosquito net/tent for sitting meditation
  8. Sleeping bag (individual preference)

Please DO NOT:

  1. Bring a laptop or use any emailing/tweeting device.
  2. Bring valuable items to the retreat.
  3. Use of beeping watches in the Meditation Hall.

Most importantly, please bring an attitude of being easy to look after, not fussy and not complaining.

Use of Electronic Equipment/Mobile Phones

Retreatants are to refrain from using electronic equipment during retreats, and are expected to surrender their mobile phones upon check-in at the Vihara.  If you are unable to meet this request, please consider whether this is the right time for you to come on meditation retreat.

Smoking and Fires

Smoking or fires of any kind, including candles, are prohibited due to the risk of fire. The only exceptions to this are the candles that are lit in the Shrine and meditation hall.


All participants are expected to stay for the entire period of the retreat that they have signed-up for, except in the case of illness or emergency of compassionate nature and with permission from the resident monk.







  • 不杀生 :不可有意夺走任何生物的生命。
  • 不偷窃 :不取任何不属于自己的东西。
  • 不邪淫 :不可进行任何性行为。
  • 不妄语 :避免虚假、辱骂或恶意的言语和闲聊,并在禅修期间 保持高度的沉默。
  • 不饮酒 :不可服用任何会导致人麻醉的饮料或药物。
  • 过午不食:中午过后不吃东西。
  • 克制 :不可使用化妆品、香水、珠宝或穿不适当的衣服;不发短信、电子邮件、打电话或使用互联网;不播放及不听音乐、 不看电视。
  • 惊醒 :避免过度自我放纵,例如睡觉。








  • 蜂蜜
  • 酥油
  • 奶酪
  • 牛油
  • 黄油
  • 糖浆
  • 腌制或新鲜的芦荟、肉豆蔻、醋栗、中国橄榄、酸甜梅子、金钱莲(Pegaga)、山劳叶(Dauh Kaduk)、蒜、辣椒、胡椒和生姜。
  • 不加牛奶的黑巧克力、坚果或葡萄干
  • 可溶性维生素C
  • 已经过滤渣滓的水果汁液(榨汁的水果必须小于男人的拳头), 蔬菜汁则不可饮用。
  • 不含牛奶或奶精的2合1饮料







  • 不可穿无袖T恤衫、上衣或连衣裙
  • 不可穿短裤、紧身衣或紧身裤
  • 不可穿低胸或透明服装
  • 不可穿短过膝盖以上的短裤、裙子或连衣裙

建议 :穿着舒适、宽松的衣服,布料不会因肢体摩擦而发出声响(例如棉布),并准备足够在整个禅修期间所需要的衣物。 





  • 足够供禅修期间更换的衣物(注意:不建议洗衣)
  • 手电筒
  • 个人用品
  • 闹钟
  • 个人药物(如有需要)
  • 水壶
  • 静坐用蚊帐/帐篷
  • 睡袋(个人选择)


  • 电脑笔记本或使用任何电子邮件/通讯设备。
  • 贵重物品。
  • 任何会发出响声的手表或其他电子设备进入禅堂。