Spread the Metta

“The mind sent outside is the origination of suffering.
The result of the mind sent outside is suffering.
The mind seeing the mind is the path.
The result of the mind seeing the mind is the cessation of suffering.”

– Ajahn Dune Atulo



Nestled in serene hills overlooking lush greenery, Vihara BoonRaksa is intended as a spiritual sanctuary for the monastics, as well as the laity.  Practitioners who sincerely wishes to develop mental cultivation are welcomed to stay at the monastery for self-retreat, and practice and learn alongside the Sangha.

Throughout the duration of self-retreat, practitioners are expected to undertake the Eight Precepts, observe Noble Silence, and diligently participate in the Vihara’s Daily Routine.

As the name implies, a self-retreat emphasizes on individual practice and is more suited to those who have some basic knowledge of meditation and strong sense of discipline.  There will be opportunities to seek meditation guidance and ask questions regarding your practice from the resident monks, depending on their availability and during scheduled Dhamma Talk/Q & A sessions.  Teachings are mostly conducted in the Hokkien dialect, and in English.

If you are interested to come for self-retreat, kindly read our Rules & Regulations for an understanding of what to expect, and please apply in advance as the monastery is unable to cater to lay guests who arrived unannounced for overnight stays.




如果您有兴趣到本寺进行个人的禅修训练,请仔细阅读我们的条规以了解详情,并请预先申请 。凡未经向本寺提出申请就自行前来的禅修者一律不获准在本寺留宿。



Schedule of Self-Retreat at Vihara BoonRaksa


Time 时间 Daily Activities 活动
05:00 Morning Chanting 早课
05:45 Meditation 禅修
07:30 Preparation of Meal 膳食筹备
09:00 Meal Time 用餐时间
11:00 Dhamma Talk / Q&A 佛法开示/ 问答
12:00 Free Time 自由时间
13:00 Meditation 禅修
17:00 Daily Chores 日常作务
18:00 Free Time 自由时间
19:30 Evening Chanting 晚课
21:00 Meditation 禅修
22:00 Lights Off 休息

Note: The programme is subject to change without prior notice.