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Like a deep lake, clear, unruffled, & calm:
so the wise become clear, calm,
on hearing words of the Dhamma.

-Dhammapada verse 83

This site is dedicated primarily to the dhamma teachings of Phra Ajahn Huat Poh Kittisobhano, or better known to his disciples simply as Bhante Huat Poh.

Ordained in the Dhammayut Thai Forest Tradition, Bhante Huat Poh has been instrumental in sharing the profound Dhamma to the lay community, in ways that promote deeper understanding of the Buddha’s Teachings and inspire faith to walk the Path that leads to Liberation.

Born and bred in Penang, Bhante Huat Poh was first introduced to Theravada Buddhism in his teens, and his interest and practice in the Dhamma has steadfastly progressed as he grew into adulthood.  Finding his true calling, he decided to give up his career as an engineer, to go forth.  Having spent the past 15 years of his monkhood practicing in remote areas of Thailand, Bhante Huat Poh currently divides his time between Vihara Boon Raksa in Penang, and a monastery in Omkoi, north Thailand.

We hope that this gift of the Dhamma – a collection of talks by Bhante Huat Poh, shall be of benefit to you, and may it inspire you to practice ardently and wholeheartedly.

此页主要是分享 Phra Ajahn Huat Poh Kittisobhano(或者更为他的信徒简称Bhante Huat Poh)的佛法教导。

Bhante Huat Poh 出家于泰国森林 Dhammayut 派系。他热衷并无私地与家居士分享精深的佛法,让信徒们对佛陀的教义有更深入的理解之余,也借此激发他们对解脱灭苦之道的信心。

Bhante Huat Poh 在槟城出生和成长,年少时期就开始接触南传佛教,而他对佛法的兴趣和实修体验亦随着年龄的增长而提升。找到真正的使命后,他决定放弃工程师职业,选择出家。 Bhante Huat Poh 曾在泰国的偏远地区修行 15 年,目前他把时间分配于槟城的 Vihara Boon Raksa 和泰国北部 Omkoi 的寺院。

们希望这份佛法的礼物 – 即 Bhante Huat Poh 的一系列佛法开示,能让您受惠无穷,同时激发您积极和精进修行的决心。


佛法开示 & 念诵

“There are these five rewards in listening to the Dhamma.
Which five?
One hears what one has not heard before.
One clarifies what one has heard before.
One gets rid of doubt.
One’s views are made straight.
One’s mind grows serene.
These are the five rewards in listening to the Dhamma.”

-Anguttara Nikaya, 5.202

The MP3 version of collections in three languages



“The gift of Dhamma surpasses all gifts.” 
– Dhammapada verse 354

Reaching The Goodness Within

by Venerable Ajahn Uthai Siridharo

Straight From The Heart

by Venerable Ajaan Mahã Boowa Nanasampanno

Translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

The Craft Of The Heart

by Venerable Phra Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

Translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu