Spread the Metta


“Just as a flower, beautiful as well as fragrant, 
will give the wearer the benefit of its scent, 
so also, the well-preached words of the Buddha
will benefit one who practices the Dhamma” 

– Dhammapada Verse 52

Lay people are encouraged to participate in dhamma activities/events held at Vihara BoonRaksā (unless specified otherwise) as follows:

*Kindly note that in VBR, we follow the Thai calendar version of Uposatha days. 

欢迎在家居士参与福持寺以下的活动 (除非另行通知,否则一切活动如常):


Uposatha Calendar 布萨日日历

Year 2020/2563

Year 2021/2564

Daily Pindapata

in Balik Pulau town
(in front of Ceria 99)

(Ceria 99 前面)

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In keeping with Theravada Buddhist tradition, the Sangha of VBR goes for daily pindapata, around 7.00am.  If you wish to offer alms, please arrive at Balik Pulau town car park area where Ceria 99 shop (5°21’06.6″N 100°14’08.1″E) is located. 

Pindapata, the practice of collecting alms food, connects the monastic community with the lay people in an interdependent and mutually beneficial way.  It provides opportunity to the laity to perform good deeds and acquire merits, through their food offerings to the monks.   

However, there may be times when the Sangha of VBR are not in residence, and therefore, no pindapata. Lay devotees are advised to check this page for any updates. (There are few ways to know, website: announcement page, FB group, VBR whatsapp group)

“If beings knew, as I know, the results of giving & sharing, they would not eat without having given, nor would the stain of selfishness overcome their minds.” – Itivuttaka, verse 26


福持寺的比丘僧众依据南传佛教传统,每天早上7点左右出外托钵。有意布施的善信可到浮罗山背镇Ceria 99百货商店(5°21’06.6” N 100°14’08.1”)附近的停车场等候。


无论如何,若巧遇福持寺的僧众外出,那么当天的托钵活动则将取消。在家众可以通过此网站公告页面、FB(脸书)组和福持寺 whatsapp群组获得更新消息。

Daily Dana

Dhamma Talk

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“Dāna” is a Pali word which means giving or generosity, and is an important foundation of Buddhist practice.  In performing dāna, such as offering of food and requisites to the monks, one should be happy before, during and after the offering.  

 At VBR, offering of Dāna starts at 9.00am.  Devotees are advised to arrive before 8.45am to prepare for the meal offering.  You are encouraged to bring your own food containers or tiffin carriers.

After accepting the offering of food from devotees, the abbot or resident monk will give a short dhamma reflection/guided meditation, followed by transference of merits.  Everyone will then be invited to have a share in the meal (balance of food after the monks had taken their portion).  After finishing the meal, you may volunteer to help wash the dishes and clean up the place – opportunities for you to perform further meritorious deed, in addition to dāna.

Usually, there will be a dhamma talk at 11.00am, followed by Q & A session, if time permits. 

Verily misers fare not to heavenly realms,
Nor, indeed, do fools ever praise liberality;
But the wise man rejoices in giving,
And by that alone does he become happy hereafter.

— Dhammapada verse 177



5am & 7.30pm
Daily Chanting (Morning & Evening)

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All are welcomed to join the Sangha for daily morning and evening chanting.

On Uposatha* days (on each new and full moon days in accordance to Thai calendar), devotees are encouraged to renew their dedication to dhamma practice and join the Sangha for Evening Chanting which begins at 7.30pm.  This is usually followed by a short dhamma talk/ guided meditation, with opportunity for Q & A if time permits. 

Please click on this link to view the Uposatha calendar for year 2020.

If a person is energetic, mindful, pure in his thought, word and deed, and if he does everything with care and consideration, restrains his senses, earns his living according to the Law (Dhamma) and is not unheedful, then, the fame and fortune of that mindful person steadily increase. – Dhammapada Verse 24



Self Retreat 个人禅修

Please apply in advance 请预先申请

Kathina/ Phapa 雨安居后庆典

Subject to decision of the Sangha 取决于僧团的决定