Spread the Metta

Live your life well in accord with the Way
avoid a life of distraction.
A life well-lived leads to contentment,
both now and in the future

Dhammapada verse 169


Perched serenely on a hillside, overlooking lush greenery, Vihara BoonRaksā (VBR) is the first monastery in Penang of the Dhammayut Forest Tradition, in the lineage of Phra Ajaan Sao Kantasilo and Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatto.  Exuding an oasis of calm and tranquility, the Vihara is intended as a sanctuary for spiritual cultivation, serving both the monastic and lay communities.

In accordance with the Buddha’s teachings on doing good, avoiding evil and purifying the mind, VBR is dedicated to provide a platform for lay devotees to practice diligently in cultivating Dana (generosity), Sila (moral conduct), and Bhavana (mental cultivation) – the three bases of meritorious deeds.

The Buddha once expounded “Atta hi attano natho”, meaning we are our own refuge or protector, the master of our own destiny.  Hence, it is important to cultivate the practice of meritorious actions, as the merits accrued will protect oneself, and give rise to supportive conditions in one’s journey towards Liberation.    This is aptly reflected in the monastery’s Thai-inspired name “BoonRaksā”.  Vihara BoonRaksā is an expression which means “a sanctuary that is nurtured by merits, cared for and protected by merits.” 

Vihara BoonRaksā – Nurturing the Dhamma in Our Hearts

May you have the ardent resolve to practice the Dhamma steadfastly, and may the Vihara BoonRaksā be a place of Dhamma cultivation and inspiration for the lay community in Penang.


福持寺 — 坐落于深幽寂静的山坡,一眼望去,尽入眼帘的是一片葱郁的丛林。它是槟城第一座依循泰国森林传承法众派系的寺院,属于 Phra Ajaan Sao Kantasilo 和Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatto 的传承。犹如沙漠中一片宁静与安谧的绿洲,福持寺的成立旨在为僧团和在家居士们提供一个培育内心至善圆满的心灵驿站。

遵循佛陀众善奉行,诸恶莫作及自净其意的教诲,福持寺致力于为虔诚的信众提供机会在此精勤地实践最基本的三种善行 — 布施、持戒和禅修。

佛陀曾经讲过“ Atta hi attano natho”,意思是“我们是自己的皈依处或庇佑者,是主宰自己生命的主人。”因此,培养美好德行是极其重要的,因为所累积的善业功德将时时护持着我们,并成为我们在走向解脱之道的助增上缘。这恰如其分地反映在福持寺的泰国名字“BoonRaksā”里,其含义是:“一个以功德滋养、靠功德呵护和受功德护持的庇护所。

福持寺 — 滋养我们心中的法


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