United Buddhist Order Of Malaysia

Spread the Metta

The Noble Founding of The United Buddhist Order of Malaysia

It all started with a thought, a lofty vision to promote unity and fellowship among the various Buddhist traditions in the country and beyond…and from this wholesome thought, the United Buddhist Order of Malaysia (UBOM) came into being.  

UBOM is intended as a platform for Buddhists of all traditions to come together for physical and mental development and cultivation through Dana (generosity), Sila (morality) and Bhavana (meditation).  We welcome Buddhist monasteries and societies of all traditions, like-minded organizations, as well as individuals, to join our membership* to establish an international network to promote and foster fellowship in the Dhamma.

UBOM primarily aims to promote sharing of knowledge, skills and resources in Dhamma propagation activities; cultivating volunteerism; instilling community spirit; and mobilizing resources to render timely support to the monastics (e.g. medical assistance).

Instilling Unity, Fostering Fellowship 

We sincerely invite you to join us as we walk in this Dhamma journey…

*There are two categories of membership, i.e. Affiliates and Individual Membership.