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Ask the Buddha

问佛陀 (Chinese) Tanya Sang Buddha (Indonesian) ถามพระพุทธเจ้า (Thai)

Ask the Buddha – is our enhanced custom search engine that has been configured to search specific Buddhist websites and return accurate Buddhist answers to your query. E.g. type in the word ‘meditation’ to search for the relevant material in the Buddhist world, saving yourself time and effort to filter out ‘thinking about life in general’. Alternatively you could search for more canonical topic by typing in e.g. ‘Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta’ or ‘Satipatthana’.

The searched results come from the websites listed below and can be added or removed from time to time as part of housekeeping.

请教佛陀­ –  这是我们增强自定义的搜索引擎,已设定为搜索特定的佛教网站,以为您的询问提供更准确的佛教答案。例如输入“禅修”一词,就可以搜索佛教领域中的相关资料,让你对“一般生命的思考”进行筛选,为您省下时间和精力。另外,您也可以输入以下内容(例: “ Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta”或“ Satipatthana”)来搜索更规范的主题。搜索结果源自下面列出的网站,并将不时增删更新。

Disclaimer: The Society holds much respect to the authors and websites listed above. However the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the articles listed above belong solely to the author and origin website, and not necessarily held by the Society.