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Fraternity – State Branches, Affiliates, Monasteries & Individual Members

United Buddhist Order of Penang
The State branches of UBOM are non-profit organizations entrusted with managing monasteries of the Dhammayut Forest Tradition located at the respective states.

AFFILIATE MEMBERS (Local & International)
The United Buddhist Order Of Malaysia (UBOM) aims to establish an international network of affiliates to promote and foster fellowship in the Dhamma. Monasteries and societies of all Buddhist traditions in Malaysia and abroad are welcomed to be Affiliate Members of UBOM.  At the level of State branches, e.g. United Buddhist Order of Penang (UBOP), its Affiliate Membership is open to monasteries/societies based in the respective state.

Vihara BoonRaksa – managed by the United Buddhist Order Of Penang
The monasteries listed here are of the Dhammayut Thai Forest tradition, and managed by the State branches of UBOM.
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS (Local & International)
Application Forms
Individual membership of the United Buddhist Order Of Malaysia (UBOM) is open to everyone from around the world who wish to contribute their knowledge, skills, time and effort for the benefit of mankind and beyond via the Society. 
Individual membership of the state branches, e.g. the United Buddhist Order of Penang (UBOP) is open to anyone from the state of Penang.
* In compliance with the laws of Malaysia, all the above mentioned memberships are for non-Muslims only, and subject to the approval of the Board of Committee